What is Commissioning?

The Three Phases of Commissioning

Commissioning Logic

Key Commissioning Elements

The Commissioning System File

             A complete, well planned and accurately documented commissioning effort is one of the key factors that can contribute to a trouble free start-up and smooth transition to a production unit manufacturing to full design rate and within product specification.

The Commissioning System File


Many documents will be compiled within the prepare phase of commissioning preparation, a system is required to manage the documents produced. My methodology incorporates the use of a file, per commissioning system to house these documents, a typical file table of contents is provided below.

  • System P&ID's
  • Decontamination procedure & isolation register
  • System cleaning procedures
  • Hazard Study and actions
  • Equipment Check Sheets, off and on site checks
  • System Punch lists
  • Action upon Alarm Sheet
  • Handover Certificate Construction/Maintenance to Commissioning
  • Project documentation check sheet prior to introduction of safe chemicals
  • Safe Chemical Commissioning authorization and Pre-commissioning Procedures
  • Leak Test Checklist and Procedures
  • Instrument Check Sheet
  • Motor Check Sheet
  • Interlock check procedures
  • Emergency Shut Down System check procedures
  • DCS sequence test procedures
  • Relief Stream Check Sheets
  • Critical Insulation Checks
  • Critical Gasket Installation Checks
  • Lubrication Check Sheet
  • PSSR, Plant Check-out prior to introduction of Hazardous Chemicals
  • Documentation Requirements for Ongoing Maintenance Group
  • Authority to Introduce Process Chemicals, check sheet & Certificate
  • Commissioning Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Commissioning to Plant Handover Certificate

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