The Why
I passionately believe that
every processing plant
can be started-up safely,
efficiently, effectively and
on time.

My driving ambition is to
help as many people,
projects and companies as
is possible, turn my belief
into an everyday reality.
The How
In any project where I am
able to help people to
achieve this vision, I hold
myself accountable to
deliver my services based
on my personal values to:
  • Be enthusiastic and proactive
  • Be determined and passionate
  • Be always willing to share my
  • Be as helpful and as collaborative
    as possible
  • Be flexible and approachable
  • Be responsible and provide
    excellence in my delivery
The What
To make my vision a reality:

I provide a proven commissioning methodology based on a simple, tried and tested logic.
The logic is built on a robust framework with a structured approach to the successful
commissioning of any process plant. My phased technique and systemized method brings
effective organization and hence delivery to the start-up of plant regardless of it's size.
My passion for commissioning coupled with my wish to pass on my knowledge drove me to
release a publication on the subject, the Chemical and Process Plant Commissioning Handbook, the work practically and logically describes and guides the reader through the
whole process, from front end design through to an plant running to design intent and full
product specification.
My Vision:
The Why
The How
The What

The Commissioning Handbook


A practical guide to plant system and equipment installation and commissioning

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Welcome to my commissioning website, I do hope you find your visit interesting and useful.

I very much hope the message relating to my vision demonstrated the passion I have for success in the commissioning of processing plant, indeed trying to perfect this process has been the principal driver for my working life to date.

From a mile high viewpoint (and not wishing at all to sound complacent) I care not what goes through the pipes, tanks and equipment that make up a process, however I do care passionately and I strongly believe a logical, structured approach to correct commissioning practices will help transform any plant system, on any duty, into a production unit operating safety, effectively and fully delivering to its design intent within all time and cost constraints.

33 years of commissioning knowledge, combined with a burning passion and desire to realise my vision that all plants can be successfully started up first time, provided me with the driver for the creation of my book and website, so I may share my experience with others about the commissioning process.

The chemical and its related industries have looked after me very well throughout my career. I personally felt it was time and I was therefore compelled to try and give something back to the industry that I very much care for, the resultant handbook is the product of that desire. I therefore truly hope this work will contribute in some small way to successful commissioning delivery in any part of the world and to any individual or company that needs it.

Enjoy the website and the hopefully the handbook; I trust you will find them both informative and useful.

Take care, stay safe and happy and successful commissioning to all!

Martin Killcross

Martin Killcross

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All check sheets found in this handbook can be downloaded FREE via Elsevier (link opens in new window)

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