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A practical guide to plant system and equipment installation and commissioning

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I hope you have enjoyed your review of this website, if you do decide to buy the book I truly hope it will help accent the success of your commissioning endeavors.

If a simple commissioning question is burning away inside, please do not hesitate to post it at the section below or at

Sometimes however it may be that just sitting down and discussing a commissioning situation would help, giving a training class, some coaching for your commissioning engineers, right through to helping deliver the actual commissioning aspect of your project, if my experience and methodology can be of help, in whatever your commissioning requirement might be, please let's talk...

May I gently remind,

I passionately believe that every processing plant can be started-up safely, efficiently, effectively and on time.

My driving ambition is to help as many people, projects and companies as is possible, turn my belief into an everyday reality.

Good luck, have fun, great success to you and as always stay safe as you deliver your commissioning activities ...

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