System File content issues…

As we create our system file contents, an early commissioning preparation exercise, “assumptions” may be made as guides for the contents of certain sections of the file, these could include…

  • P&ID’s
  • Handover certificate
  • Commissioning Hazard Studies etc.

As the project develops and the system file becomes populated, what at first were guides to the contents, can become written into the document text, hence the basis of the system file actual contents moving forward.

In highly regulated industries, what appears in a commissioning system file can become a clear expectation of actual content, thus following reviews and audits difficult questions can be asked as to the meaning and contents of sections of the systems files where documents have never been populated.

Therefore in regulated environments, be very sure and accurately document the contents of system files and only include documents within files that will actually be used, this will help avoid later awkward questions and discussions and paperwork rework.

Safe and successful commissioning always…

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