Fault administration…

Many projects utilise a process called Fault Observation (commonly known as FOB) as a means to document and process faults, where during commissioning, the design intent is not met.

These FOB can range in size and complexity from simple control code set point changes to potentially large FOB such for example as the packing inside columns and scrubbing towers not performing and needing changing or altering.

It is not uncommon for large numbers of FOB to be produced and close out can initially very slow, therefore enlisting the assistance of a FOB co-ordinator who manages the FOB through the process, pesters, cajoles etc. can be of benefit to the commissioning team and the resolution of FOB . Please condisider this requirement as you define your organisation’s structure.

In addition to the observation above, it is also a theme of FOB for a secondary issue to be revealsed, that being the slow close out of FOB that are pushed back to engineering design for resolution. Again consider selecting an individual who’s primary responsibility was to manage a team of engineers to close out engineering FOB, those that require additional engineering and hazard analysis prior to recommissioning.

Again these recommendations must be based on the size of the project, so make the consideration of a whole FOB team as part of the greater commissioning organisation.

Safe and successful commissioning always…

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