Check Sheets…

It is important as a reminder and to stress again the importance in preparation of system files to really spend the time to clearly define the pipework, instruments, motors etc. that will be required to be tested during the pre-commissioning phase. Encourage  the commissioning to in the reviewing of the P&ID’s and other engineering documents such as single line diagrams (electrical) and produce lists of all pipework and vessels to be cleaned, instrument loops to be tested, motors to be rotated, relief streams to be installed, lubrication to be undertaken, alignments to be completed etc. as when construction really starts the commissioning team will need to know exactly where they are with regard to the build and construction completions and produce similar lists of tested equipment in line to those prepared by the construction team.

For those of you with a copy of the book, please refer to check sheet section of the book, sections 3, 12, 13 etc.

Spending time drafting check sheet lists does not obviously substitute detailed procedures and method statements defining exactly how a line is to be flushed or blown clean, if this is in the commissioning team scope of course these will need to be written to supplement the check sheets. However drafting the lists does make the commissioning team members preparing system files really start to get into the detail they surely will need to have, as construction nears completions and we consider system takeover

Safe and successful commissioning always…

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