Many commissioning procedures we execute involve groups outside of the commissioning team, how well are you coordinating the involvement of these teams?

As we execute commissioning many procedures will require the cooperation of groups or teams outside of the main commissioning team, these may involve Vendors or Licensors, Emergency Services, construction team support, the regulating bodies the list goes on. Do not underestimate the time it takes to engage with these multiple groups, gain understanding to their role in your work and arranging times, individuals, maybe travel and welfare?

 Special arrangements may be required to allow companies to come to your premises, a time allocation will be required for that. Does your support work shifts and therefore have you covered discussing your commissioning team activities with all shift teams as they may change if a scheduled date for your work gets changed? Do all supervisors of teams who will support you know of what is being undertaken, it’s always a good idea to include them as they may change priorities on the day and leave you without the support you need?

On the day always remember and account for management of the activity, this may mean vehicle or manpower management (diverting personnel away from the commissioning work) or the removal procedure of a waste that may be created by the commissioning activity.

Have you risk assessed your commissioning activity and accounted for all potential issues from a personnel, plant and environmental perspective, have you put robust mitigation plans in place?

So much to think about as we execute our commissioning especially if coordination is required with other project or related teams.

Safe and successful commissioning always…


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