Can I commission the system…

For those who have read my book or indeed know me, you will realise how much importance I place in forging close working relationships with our construction colleagues, to me this makes life so much easier come handover time.

I key basis for this is the understanding that if the commissioning team find errors in the construction, faults are immediately rectified rather than waiting until punch list time, schedule is the beneficiary here.

However, do not underestimate the savings that can be gained if the commissioning team are involved with design, especially the P&ID and 3-D model reviews. If the commissioning team can have a presence at prior-to the IFC issue of P&IDs and the 50 or 60% model reviews, appraising and identifying shortfalls in the plant for “commissioninability” and getting changes incorporated in the office rather than the field, could, save many £’s or $’s.

Lets keep commissioning teams in our projects early; the benefits are seen not just in the schedule by the bottom line also.

Safe and successful commissioning always…

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