Monthly Archives: April 2017

Thinking outside the box around cleaning of pipe work…

Some projects are particularly challenged with management of water due to the limitations of the site’s aqueous outfall. This can be a particular issue when challenged to handle the large quantities of water flushing produces in cleaning potentially thousands of meters of pipe work on the project.

Water is by far the most common and safety way to clean pipe work however it does produce large quantities of effluent to process; sometimes an alternative must be considered.

So “thinking outside of the box” consider trialling and then using air blowing via an air compressor, receiver, flow indicator and diffuser with integral “catch pot” (for debris) as the basis of cleaning going forward with the project.

It is clean and produces no liquid effluent and is very effective. Using a pig associated with air also is effective but in tortuous pipe run scenarios can be difficult to use.

Safe and successful commissioning always…