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Assumptions with commissioning “norms”

Most commissioning efforts develop a table of norms, through the process of developing the commissioning schedules, these norms reflect certain activities where durations are not well defined at the time of drafting the initial schedule and may take account of the estimated, but acceptable duration for such activities as…

  • Punch listing
  • Leak testing
  • Pre-commissioning checks such as proving mechanical interlocks, packing towers etc.
  • Water commissioning
  • Start up procedures.
  • Sequence testing etc.

“Norms” can be challenged on various fronts, especially during reviews of the schedule, (sometimes many months later) so here are two considerations as you develop your norms…

  1. Were the norms accepted by the project?
  2. Did the norms have “float” or contingency included.

In both cases ensure you have an answer hence so a key lesson for those involved with the development of “norms” tables, to be reviewed in the future is to consider the above points and include a description of the answers in a assumptions list for the commissioning element of the schedule or project in general.

Safe and successful commissioning always…