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Mechanical Completion…

I was recently asked, “What is the best definition of mechanical completion?” a question in one form or another I quite often get asked and of course it is totally dependent on your project, (which is no help is it?!).

Over the past few years, typically, a definition of mechanical completion, simply put, would be that the system or area is “ready for commissioning”. So what could that mean?

Again referring to my recent career history, mechanical completion is the point in the project where the system or area has been built per the latest P&ID’s and (it’s not and inclusive list)…

    • all pipework in the system has been tested for integrity
    • the pipework cleaned via blowing, flushing or visual inspection
    • all lubrication and greasing has been undertaken,
    • alignment has been completed,
    • electrical motors have been tested for their correct direction (if possible),
    • Instrument loops have been functionally tested to include range and alarm checks
    • vessel and equipment internals for been installed, (filter media, packing etc.)
    • Vessels have been inspected and finally closed
    • Relief devices have been correctly installed
    • The system has been punch listed with all reservations to turnover fully documented, understood and agreed

Now again this is only a personal view of my recent experience, your project could be setup that commissioning undertake such activities as listed, however they all need to be completed, that’s for sure, just please understand the scope and prepare accordingly.

Safe and successful commissioning always…