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System Allocation..?

So, have we divided the plant into commissioning systems, how many do you have and I guess more importantly how many commissioning engineers do you have to commission them?

Is there a magic rule for governing how many systems one commissioning engineer can prepare and commission for, well I’m not sure, however in my experience 7 systems is manageable and depending on complexity 10 at a maximum. It all obviously depends on size and content of the system, which of course makes each commissioning project different, but the rule of thumb above is about where I think one needs to be in the ratio of systems to engineers.

Perhaps also consider mixing up the systems across the plant, I’ll try and explain. Each commissioning engineer will probably be given one specific unit on the plant to manage, Reaction, Distillation, Product Storage etc. However consider perhaps allocating to each engineer a mixture of systems, it could be a mix of one early system or two, Utilities typically, then the core process and finally storage systems so the engineers work-load is spread across the schedule. Of course if all commissioning is being undertaken roughly at the same time this type of approach may not be suitable and you will determine the right approach for your specific project.

So consider early in preparation how the systems will be managed across the team and divide as best as you can.

Safe and successful commissioning always…

Festive Commissioning safety…

As the Christmas period approaches, many other things come into our minds and can obscure our concentration on the safe commissioning of our plants. Therefore perhaps take some time and encourage our commissioning teams to stop and dwell on a few safety basic’s to assist them getting to Christmas safe and sound.

  • Let’s protect our eyes and faces, spend some time talking about the virtues of light eye protection, use of goggles, face shields and similar eye protection. Consider finding some safety facts on eye protection from the HSE or OSHA?
  • Review of general PPE for commissioning activities.
  • Refresh the team on the site safety rules for the project you are currently working on.
  • Again perhaps using guidance from the national safety bodies, remind the team of the dangers of working at height and in confined spaces and re-enforce site policy. Do you have a “tether policy” for working at height, are the team working to it to avoid those items being dropped from height?
  • Use of barricades and signs, are we really keeping on top of keeping non-associated staff away from our commissioning activities?
  • Electrical rules and general safety.
  • Fire rules and a refresher on what to do in an emergency.
  • Do the team really know what to do in an emergency, a gas release, a man down injured, an environmental incident, test and reinforce the procedure.

I am sure there are many other pertinent topic, but just taking a time out to discuss the implications to our safety, especially at this important and family time is absolutely essential to keeping the team healthy and safe and able to enjoy the Festivities.

Safe and successful “seasonal” commissioning always…