Monthly Archives: May 2013

Commissioning checks of initial item testing

For the past couple of days I have been drafting an important document, a guide for those who will be working with my commissioning team, explaining the roles they will perform as we witness a number of “pre-commissioning” tests that the construction guys on my current project, will perform. These are vitally important tests include cleaning procedures, fluid flushes, visual inspections, pneumatic blows and chemical cleaning procedures for pipework and tubing, vessel and equipment cleanliness checks and final closure protocols, instrument loop testing checks, electrical and motor tests, checks on lubrication and alignment of drives.

It is really important to get these tests right first time as a poor quality loop test, cleaning procedure and or lack of mechanical preparation can cause significant delay in the commissioning execution schedule with the inevitable cost implication that causes if rectification for defective work is required. Having struck and then maintained a healthy relationship with the construction teams, obviously is vital to ensuring this important stage in the commissioning teams work, runs as smoothly as possible.

Safe and successful commissioning always…