Above: MK (far left) at the launch of the Professional Technicians, (EngTech) initiative at the Savoy in London, March 26th. MK is a passionate supporter of the advancement of Operating Technicans in the chemical industry and is actively working with the IChemE to promote this important, professionally recognized status for our industry technicians.

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Having started with Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in 1978, I initially was a plant operator. In the early 80's, I first tasted commissioning on a new asset built in Runcorn UK and was bitten by the commissioning bug, from that time my career path was chosen for me.

In the late 1980's I undertook a commissioning team role on the world's first refrigerant 134a facility in Runcorn, UK. I later spent 4 years in the USA on a major up-rate project to the 134a asset built there. After returning to the UK, a Thermal Oxidizer process was successfully commissioned along with a major Chlorine Cell Room refurbishment; in 2001 I then parted ways with the then INEOS Chlor group to spend some time as a Principal Senior Commissioning Engineer with MW Kellogg, working on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects. 2 years later I rejoined the INEOS Group as Technical and Commissioning Manager responsible for the successful and safe delivery of several new projects at their Silica's business in Warrington, UK and Joliet, Illinois, USA.

In 2006 I made the move to work extensively in the USA and have taken up more and more senior roles in both the client and contractor commissioning sectors, having spent some time as the head of commissioning services for an EPC Contractor in Tampa, Florida, I am now in position as the overall Commissioning Manager for Sasol North America Inc, in the huge Mega Project development currently being designed. I am based in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

My commissioning experience spans a huge variety of diverse chemical, oil and gas and utility processes, major projects are tabled below, in addition I have has consulted on many other projects worldwide including the Middle East and Asia.

Operational sectors commissioned and operated are numerous and include, reaction, thermal oxidization, extrusion, distillation, packing plants, storage and feed systems, refrigeration and compression, vaporization, cooling water circuits and utility systems, Distributed Control Systems, (DCS), evaporators, drying and scrubbing systems, kilns, mills and turbines.

During my career to date I have amassed significant operating and commissioning management experience on high hazard chemical processes including overhaul and turnaround preparation and management of the assets I have been involved with.

My knowledge and experience grew as I spent three years working in the nuclear business sector, before making a return to the Oil, Gas and energy sector in the USA with Sasol North America Inc.

I am an Engineering Technician member of the IChemE.
Project Country/Area Responsibility
Chemical and Energy Mega Project USA Overall Commissioning Manager
Commissioning Nuclear Facility Europe Manager of Commissioning
Decommissioning Frozen Earth Storage Facility USA Decommissioning Manager
Sulphuric Acid Plant USA Commissioning Consultant
Ionizing Wet Scrubber Malaysia Commissioning Consultant
Fertiliser Plant Expansion USA Commissioning Manager
Agrochemical Plant Expansion USA Commissioning Manager
Polymer Plant Expansion USA Commissioning Manager
Ethylene Polymerization Catalyst Plant UK Commissioning Manager
LNG Train Expansion UK Principal Senior Commissioning Engineer
Chlorine Plant Expansion UK Commissioning Manager
Vent Gas Treatment UK Commissioning Manager
Fluorocarbon Refrigerant Uprate USA Assistant Commissioning Manager
Fluorocarbon Refrigerant Plant UK Assistant Commissioning Manager
Herbicide Feedstock Plant UK Operations Controller
Refrigerant 22 Process Plant UK Operations Technician

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